"One evening I took Beauty in my arms - and I thought her bitter - and I insulted her."

-- from "A Season In Hell"

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Arthur Rimbaud
Jean-Nicholas-Arthur Rimbaud was born October 20, 1854 at Charleville in France. His father abandoned the family, forcing them into poverty. Youn Arthur would sneak out to play with the other children in his impoverished neighborhood, much to his mother's chagrin. She was horrified that such contact would coarsen her children and she somehow found the means to move the family from the worst to the best neighborhood. Even here, Rimbaud was forbidden to play with other boys and instead threw himself into his studies. His hunger to learn soon proved him to be an extremely gifted student. In 1870, Rimbaud ran away from home. He was restless and unhappy due to the loss of his favorite teacher who had gone to fight in the Franco-Prussian war. Finally making it to Paris, broke, he lived on the streets. Living willingly in the worst possible conditions, this was his rebellion. He denounced women and the church and began studying "immoral" poets and devouring writings
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    on every topic from occult to philosophy. In 1871, Rimbaud met Paul Verlaine, a man 20 years older than himself, and the two began a rather outrageous affair.
    Rimbaud eventually alienated everyone through his addiction and lack of general hygiene... everyone but Paul Verlain.In 1872, the pair relocated to London. By 1873, Verlain's and Rimbaud's relationship was treading on thin ice, and in a drunken argument in Brussels, Verlaine took to shooting at Arthur, hitting him once in the wrist. Rimbaud called in the police and Verlain was sentenced to an 18 month prison vacation. Between the feelings of exhiliration and guilt that Rimbaud felt due to this situation, he began writing in a fury, completing perhaps his best known work, "A Season in Hell". By the age of 20, Rimbaud had quit writing and wandered Europe, eventually going to ground in Africa where he worked as a trader and a gun runner. In 1891, Rimbaud returned to Marsailles, ill, and his right leg was removed due to syphilitic complications. He was nursed bye his sister, Isabelle until his death on November 10, 1891 at the age of 37.