"I am alone, but in my aloneness I contemplate an unknown and enchanting country, and this meditation fills my dreams with spectres of a great and distant land which my eyes have never seen."

- from The Lonely Poet

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Wisdom & Spirituality
Kahlil Gibran

throughout the world as The Immortal Prophet of Lebanon and the Savant of His Age. Gibran's writing is a potpouri of ancient wisdom and mysticism that has remained ageless.

  • Jesus the Son of Man
  • The Prophet
  • Sand and Foam
  • Tear and a Smile
  • The Wanderer
  • Broken Wings
  • The Beloved
  • The Eye of the Prophet
  • The Garden of the Prophet
  • Mirrors of the Soul
  • The Madman (Out Of Print)
  • The Forerunner (Out Of Print)
  • The Earth Gods (Out Of Print)
  • Nymphs of the Valley (Out Of Print)
  • This is by no means a comprehensive listing of Mr. Gibrans works
    Titles available at